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Originally Posted by Pavel View Post
you must have some hints on where the sound is comming from? Any way to pinpoint a specific area?

The door issue has a very distinctive sount to it, like your car was made out of wood and its flexing as you go over uneven ground.
That's what it sounds like, but very intrusive. It turns out aftermarket front and rear stabilizers where put on my car at some point, either sold to me with them (bought only 3 months ago) or put on after my first service with the original dealer, because I distinctly remember hearing the sounds for the first time after I picked my car up from service for the first time. Since I have gone to a more local dealer, and they attribute the sounds to these bars, which are making contact with the left tie rod.

I will post more details in a dedicated thread when this all gets sorted out, including how all involved parties involved handled it, but let's just say its not looking good right now for a certain dealer who's SA's cannot return a phone call to save their lives.