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Sounds like Windows has either corrupted a key file as part of its updates and the white text was trying to tell you what was corrupt/not working.

It might have just been the disk needing a scan running on it and the text was it just running, you've interputed this and now it refuses to go any further.

Try and boot the PC and keep pressing F8 every 1 second. If you can get to a menu that allows safe mode then select that and try and run a scandisk as soon as its booted up.

However the fact your saying the screens gone blank and nothing is displayed is pretty bad, even the bios should load if your disk is corrupt. Might be time to take the case off and start unplugging components in the PC until it eventually gives you something(you won't get much but at least bios screen), then get that part replaced.

If you PC is making beeping noises when it boots then try and find on the internet for your PC what these beeps translate into. think 3 beeps is memory fault, 7 beeps is motherboard/CPU 1 or 2 beeps no display adapter. Thats a rough estimate not definitive.

Good Luck