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Angry $500+ diagnosis....$1700 quote!!

EDIT: If you don't want to read this pissed off rant of mine...look at post #35. Kinda sums it up. But reading the whole thing will give you the whole story. Obviously.

So I have error code P0442, Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System Small Leak Detected. Brought it to a dealer near my aunt's house and told the SA that my car is throwing this code and I know that there is a leak in my EVAP system. I also asked them to check my brake booster as my check valve is leaking and causing my brake pedal to become hard to depress after a few hours when starting the car. I drop off my car at 7:45AM and get a call from the SA around 2PM giving me an update. He says that the car has been on the lift for 2 and 1/2 hours and that they finally found the problem. He gives me a quote of $1700 for the hose that goes from the fuel tank to the EVAP system. $670 to replace the check value. OK so these problems aren't worth it for me to fix at the dealer. So I tell him to put it all back together. Then he tells me I have to pay for labor because they assumed it was going to be under CPO warranty. He mentioned earlier that he would call me if any charges would have to be made. Well since the car has been on the lift for 2 and 1/2 hours and it will take another 1 or 2 to reassemble my car, I have to pay $500+ for labor. The SA did NOT ask me before hand if he could start removing panels. I was expecting a simple leak test (smoke test) to be run and that was it. He was nice enough to take pictures of the area before reassembling the car. I don't think I should be held accountable for these charges. He never asked me if he could continue to remove panels to further diagnose the problem. He said we had to because we didn't know if it was covered under CPO warranty. CPO warranty, as per, clearly states that hoses (except for a few like power steering) are NOT covered under CPO warranty. Well knowing this, why would you start taking apart the car to further diagnose my EVAP system. It is obviously apparent that a hose is leaking because the EVAP system is mainly hoses. I told the SA that it lied within the EVAP system so there's nothing else to consider. Now, I got in an accident earlier this year and some welding was done to the rear axle carrier...the SA knows this and said to me "regardless of whather or not this had to do with otherside influences, it is still not covered under CPO warranty." The quote for the EVAP system is for 11+ hours of labor which includes dropping the fuel tank, rear axle carrier, and a bunch of suspension components. I'm not mad at that...I'm mother f'in pissed at the fact that he "assumed" it would be under CPO and continued to work on the car. I am meeting with him tomorrow morning after he talks wit his boss. The only thing I am willing to pay for is an hour of labor and for the smoke test....that's absolutely mother f'in it. If I don't win, this goes straight to BMW NA. I'm not going to mention the name yet because I want to see if this gets resolved tomorrow.

I have attached a diagram of the EVAP system and the pictures from my SA.

I believe the hose that has a hole in it is either #10 or #11. $20 or $30 part...$1700 to replace....ridiculous.

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