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Originally Posted by benny90 View Post
I'll take some pics later on if I try and go at the DIY again. Right now I went ahead and took out all the wiring. I now have a nice air bag warning now . Hopefully I can get that worked out.

Does anyone know what all is needed for the burger turning kit? I know they require you to get a harness but I need to know which one to get and the douche there wouldn't tell me without ordering the damn thing first
I have asked BMS (the harness company from the link above) what else was needed.
Besides their harness, the sports steeringwheel and airbag and paddles, this is what you also need to make it work:

(1 QTY.) Steering Wheel Controls/Switch BMW Part # 61319123287 (order it from, approx $97 + shipping)

Tools Needed: (Paddle Shift Retrofit)
10mm Wrench/socket to disconnect the battery (Included in the OEM bmw tool kit above the battery)
Large flat head screwdriver (prying the center console up, steering column cover removal)
Medium flat head screwdriver (removing the airbag)
16mm socket with extension (steering wheel removal)
Wire coat hanger or equivalent to pull the harness through the dash

T20 & T30 torx tools (steering wheel parts)

maybe about a hour total labor taking time