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Originally Posted by kujo View Post
I haven't had mine out at Willow or Buttonwillow yet, but it'll get there.
I have done HARD 30-45 min canyon runs though.
I'd say it'd be pretty damn close to Streets of Willow abuse too.

Damn wheels were BLACK when I got home. Soft brake pads.

Racing the car doesn't void the warranty.
Crashing the car while at the track will probably void your Insurance policy.

Even my B6 S4 ran WAYYYYY HOT when out at Willow in the summer.

I have no worries and my 335i will certainly get some track time.
Maybe we can hook up for a day at Leguna ? Worth the drive for me......

Kurt, I am up for it...Laguna is usually much cooler that Sears/Thunderhill/Buttonwillow/Willow Springs as you know...the question would be who to run with? I will probably want to put on suspension first...maybe put some R compounds on the stock wheels for dedicated track use.

For that question about is probably farther away than Sears/ is 90 miles NORTH of Sacramento...3.1 miles...nice track..its where I first learned back in 98. Been there probably 75 track days so far.

BTW, taking your car on a road course for a high performance driving school is not racing. I have a race car that I "race" on track. You dont race your street car...not worth the risk.