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Question Phantom Check Engine Light

I've taken my 07 335i Sedan in several times in the last couple of months for a check engine light (the half engine check soon light). The dealer has not been able to make the problem go away.

The light will come on a I will lose power until the next time I start the engine. When I let it sit and start the engine again, the light is gone and power is restored. This means that if I don't go immediately to the dealer, that the light is not on when they get it. They've told me that data of the light going on and why is not stored, so they don't know where to start to find the problem. They also have trouble reproducing the fault and often give it back without any parts replaced, etc. Is it possible the vehicle doesn't record the instance of the check engine light going on and why??!!

Once, I brought it in while the light was still on and they changed some o2 sensors and turbo hoses. I'm just really surprised and frustrated that it has been so difficult to get a solution to my problem.

Anyone ideas/comments greatly appreciated!