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It sucks that you got taken. However, if you had 7k cash to put down on the car and were able to speand another 6K cash on repairs after taking delivery as you noted, I am really, really unclear why you were looking at a salvaged vehicle.
Because here in Europe they are no Salvage cars = Salvage price like in the USA, that’s why if there is a decent repair on a minor damaged car there is no issues. With all the money spend on the repair I guess I would be close to a non-salvage car here, but as said, it’s easy to think twice after the facts, I’ve learned my lesson for sure. I have just never been screwed over like this before, I didn’t know there were people out there that could sell a car in this kind of shape and tell you that they are pro repair shop of BMW cars and Jaguars and then send a car like this. I mean I would not even risk a business to do such a thing, but I guess people do anything for money.

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$7k should have been the whole payment for that car with a salvage title, not only a down payment. What year, model and how many miles on the car?
I don’t want to figure with a price on the forum. But it was a -08 with only 900 miles.

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I think this whole story is BS.
I REALY wish it was!