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Greetings everyone, couple of questions: exhaust, i-drive

Greetings everyone!

I've bought my BMW 2006 e90 325i (from US) sedan a couple of months ago and I have a couple of questions about it:

1. How to distinguish whether my car has a sport package?

2. My car doesn't have a screen (the big display in the middle of the panel) and so the i-drive system. What parts of the interior do I have to buy to make my car from non-i-drive to i-drive? The screen in the e90's really makes the interior look more futuristic and luxurious, so even though before buying the car I thought I didn't need this system, now I really want to have it in my car.

3. I want to change the tips of my exhaust to nothing fancy but the same as the exhaust is now, only the tips should be made out of nickel (I guess the silver shiny material is called nickel in english right? ) I don't want to spend much money on the exhaust of my car so I am considering of buying the exhaust tips and deleting the resonator. Would that get the same effect as buying the whole exhaust for 300-400$? Cause I believe the tips would cost 50-100$ and deleting the resonator would also cost about 50$, so I would like to know if the result would be familiar to buying the whole exhaust? Maybe someone has tried to experiment like this? Also, maybe you know any exhaust tips that are suitable by size for the e90 (some links, ebay or smth)?

I know, my car is completely stock, but I love the exterior just the way it is, I do not find the all-black grills on a black car attractive, also, in my country, the roads are tragical and so, putting on some body kit or bumpers that would be lower than the stock ones would be silly.

So guys thanks for the answers, and I am really happy of joining the community of BMW lovers. I hope I will become useful for the community some time later as today my knowledge of the car is very little.