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I finished Insanity on Sunday and decided I would share the results with those who are just now beginning.

1. Switch Kicks (2 kicks=1 rep) 38(1st) 60(2nd) 63(3rd) 68(4th) 73(last)
2. Power Jacks 45(1st) 52(2nd) 56(3rd) 60(4th) 63(last)
3. Power Knees 75(1st) 93(2nd) 96(3rd) 108(4th) 116(last)
4. Power Jumps 20(1st) 30(2nd) 35(3rd) 40(4th) 50(last)
5. Globe Jumps 5(1st) 9(2nd) 10(3rd) 10(4th) 11(last)
6. Suicide Jumps 10(1st) 15(2nd) 18(3rd) 20(4th) 22(last)
7. Push-Up Jacks 30(1st) 30(2nd) 40(3rd) 45(4th) 50(last)
8. Low Plank Oblique (2sides=1rep) 20(1st) 35(2nd) 35(3rd) 40(4th) 47(last)

Good luck to all.
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