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Originally Posted by Buegie View Post
1. Do you have the extendable thigh support piece on the bottom, front part of the seat? That's the easiest way to tell...

2. Trying to convert non-iDrive to iDrive will be alot of cash for parts, labor (if you're not doing it yourself) and programming. I would've tried to find a car that had it from the factory, it's not worth trying to retrofit it IMO.

3. If you don't care about the sound or (marginal) performance benefits of a full exhaust system, just buy the tips, it will look a whole lot better than stock.
1. No, sadly I don't..
3. If the resonator is deleted, does it feel like the exhaust sounds cheap in reality or is it almost indistinguishable from a 300$ full exhaust? Performance doesn't bother me, but the sound is very important...