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I ordered mine through BMW SF. Boy have they changed in the last few years-for the better. 4 years ago I went there to look at a 325. I wondered around the showroom, sat in some cars and not one persoon said hello to me. I then asked the "receptionist" where most of there inventory was. She told me to go to the roof. I looked through the roof and still, not one person said hello. I was there at least 20 minutes and it was a weekday. I left and cancelled BMW off my list of prospectives. In January of 2007 I went back to BMW SF as my lease was up on my car (not a BMW). Walked in the door and immediatley someone was there to greet me (it was a weekend BTW). I looked at a few cars and a salesperson approached me and asked me if I needed help. I was not ready yet, so I "kicked a few more tires". After 5 minutes I found the salesperson that had approached me. Her name is Jenny Scullin and she was great, got us a good price and helped us order the exact car we wanted. She emailed me updates on the progress of my car and kindly answered all of my questions. Thanks to that experience and Jenny, my opinion of BMW has completely changed.