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Originally Posted by mitch88 View Post
I asked my dealer not to wash/wax the car but they can take all packaging off. They told me that they have to use some toxic chemical to remove something on the paint when it comes in. I smell BS and never heard of this before. Any truth to this??
They do not need anything to remove the shipping tape, it peels right off without any issue. They are probably talking about cosmoline, which BMW coats all their cars with prior to shipping. The dealership *would* need a chemical to remove this, but they should not need to remove it to begin with. By the time they receive the car the cosmoline will only be in closed areas (engine bay, etc) and will burn off naturally within the first 1000 miles.

So ya, I'd tell them to PDI the car, take the tape off, and that's it. No wash, no removal of cosmoline.