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Originally Posted by Gookmayn View Post
meh! lol the V710's are basicly CSL's! I might as well get CSL's BUT i dont really want to be rockin those. I LOVE the look of them, but out of the like 10 3's i've seen here in utah with rims at least 5 were CSL's or look alikes. I just wanna do something a LITTLE more unique maybe?

We'll i wouldn't say i'm worried about the HIEGHT as much as the ride! I just came from a 745i and a 540i before that and I got so used to a good ride that even the decent ride in my 3 drives me a little a-wall sometimes haha but yeah. I'm not a huge fan of the SLAMMED look on germans either. I think you just need to have a LITTLE TINY bit of tire under the wheel well and then it looks perfect! haha but yeah. I'm still trying to connect with some locals about meeting up and taking a ride, but no one likes me! I think its because i'm not mormon and i'm asian haha jk! but yeah, If I can ride with someone and it feels ok I will DEFFINETLY be getting coils!
LOL, yeah V710's actually aren't the ones that look like CSL's; those would be the VB3's. But they offer a variety of different styles. You can always get some BBS LM's and call it a day.

And yeah, I've driven in a car on coils and it didn't bother me one bit. Then again, I don't bitch about ride quality very much. The stiffer the better. Not a fan of the totally slammed look either. About half an inch gap is good enough.

Originally Posted by Gookmayn View Post
Yeah i would have to say, mine isn't QUITE as pronounced as I would like. But ^*$# you! I like my "poke" small! haha

I was just sayin'.

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