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Originally Posted by coh4777 View Post
It really does not take THAT much equipment to do p90x and you defintiely do not have to buy their branded stuff. I got my pullup bar from sports Authority for like $30. Make sure it is the kind that includes a wide grip. I bought some resistance bands for $15 from Wal-mart but found them to be rather awkward to use so switched to free weights that I also bought from Wal-mart. Spent $40 total on them. Also got a rubber workout mat from Wal-mart that doubled as my yoga mat for somewhere around $10-15. I didn't bother to get pushup handles, but I'm sure you can find them pretty cheap. I also bought a heart rate monitor for $40 or so on Amazon, but if you are doing Insanity, you probably already have one, and if you don't you really don't need to get it. Your cardio will never get to the level that it does in Insanity. So all in all, the equipment is not that expensive. I def recommend you try p90x when you are done with Insanity!
exactly what I'm planning to do. I wanted to lose a little weight doing insanity and gain some muscle mass doing P90x. All the result vids I viewed on YouTube has mostly been people doing P90x and then insanity. Couldn't find one the other way around.