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Originally Posted by Gookmayn View Post
haha now you're just nitpicking! they're both double 7 spokes! But yeah, they are both SEXY lookin wheels. out of the two I would go for the 710's though. I like the concavity of them.

haha yeah right on the BBS's! When I have 1k to spend PER WHEEL i'll be drivin an M6!

Well where do you live if ya dont mind me askin? cause the roads here in utah aren't HORRIBLE. but some places are fuckin horrible with springs. haha

"the stiffer the better!" HAHA thats what she said! and you... hmmm what does that say about you? haha
LOL, they are both concave. You just can't see it as much on the CSL's. And BBS are pretty damn expensive, I live in MD/DC which probably has just as bad roads, but you sacrifice for the look of a lower ride height.

So what if I like it stiff! ROFL.

Originally Posted by Gookmayn View Post
hahaha you're such an asshole! haha

My delivery experience and beach photoshoot here.