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Just to let everyone know, the tuning with this set up is VERY important.

The pots on the vibe amp are not the best at all. They are not at all linear so you need to spend lots of time setting it up, especially the crossovers.

I blew 2 mid range drivers trying to set it up properly. One original paper cone and another logic7 one!

Am going to do a final tune tomorrow so will take a pic of my settings in case anyone else goes this route.

I must say though, now it is all done it sounds absolutely fantastic. The only issue I have is an interference whining noise which seems to be related to engine load. . . .if you put your foot down, after a few seconds the noise comes in much louder than usual and when you ease of the throttle after a few seconds, it goes away.

My car is a 335i so I am assuming this is somehow related to the fuel pump. Anyone got any ideas on how to get rid of this noise? I thought of re-running the power wire so it does not run across the boot floor next to the speaker wires.