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Originally Posted by ducati955 View Post
word, i hear ya.. right now i just ate 5 guys burgers n fires and eating ice cream at the moment.. video won't load, def tomorrow (it was takin from my blackberry...
when i actually diet a lil more strict i do:
200 minimum carbs a day (brown rice, sweet potato, oatmeal)
30-50 healthy grams of fat..]
and around 200+pro

cardio 5 days a week on empty stomach early morning...

there really is so much to know and what you can get away with... esp what kind of work u do and so on.. in the summer i do landscaping and construction + lifting 10 + hrs a day... rest of the time im a teacher
Originally Posted by import36 View Post
ahh dude...5 Guys burger n fries OWN!!! thats going to be my next cheat meal

5 Guys Except for when they undercook the fries...pisses me off....
Originally Posted by ArmyBimmerDude View Post
If you eat properly throughout the week, you get one meal or one day depending on what your diet is to eat whatever you want. P90X is great for getting cut and looking good as well as endurance, but you lose strength which is not a good thing in the military. Of course the typical user on this website is probably a couch potato so anything is better than nothing I suppose.

Originally Posted by lopealle View Post
just did the yoga x today. i wont lie i thought yoga was kinda weird before i did it. now i have a alot of respect for you guys out there.

Agreed, I used to be like "Yoga wtf..." until I actually did it.

Anyway, I'll be starting once I get the pull up bar. I'll probably be going into work crippled the next day
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