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Someone mentioned strength and how important it is in the military. Well, I have found there is a fine fine fine line there. Currently I am between 165 and 168 lbs and 5 foot 8. I have been as heavy as 189lbs of solid muscle..But guess what, I am stronger now then at 189. Sure I could bench a lot and curl a lot. But that does not translate into actual fitness and work being done. I had no stamina compared to what I have now, I couldnt do as many pushups, pullups, sit ups etc etc. While I was doing P90x I hadnt run in 2 months. One day I decided to run, 12 miles later I wasnt even close to winded. Just REALLY REALLY bored of running. At 189 I probably could only run 5 or 6 miles because I had to carry so much muscle. Its a big toll on your lunges to provide all that muscle with oxygen. Just my thoughts on the strength point.