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Originally Posted by sfnaru View Post
second link, page 1, post #5, 6, 7, 16, 17
still not sure how you came to your conclusion. below is what was posted on posts 5, 6, 7, 16, and 17 on the second link:

Originally Posted by Nuori325i
Crooks! Hung, from what I read, is no longer part of FiberDesign. In addition, Carlos (the owner) claims they didn't renew when they were moving down to Fresno. If you're interest in what I just said there is a huge thread stickied under the sponsors section. It's like 8 or so pages and growing hourly.
Originally Posted by BamBam26
We if this is the case can you give me the info to getting touch with Carlos so I can get my money back then.. I am checking the other thread to see if it is there.
Originally Posted by shadi
yeah. i bought a 12" jl audio w6v2 subwoofer that came out of carlos' car. i bought it from the guys at fiber design because carlos was out of town and it said on this forum it came with the warranty. they said yeah just contact carlos and he'll send it to you. i sent carlos a few messages and never once got a response. i figured they were good business people since they were one of our sponsers and because i had sold carlos stock wheels for his car face to face one week prior but i guess i was wrong. good luck with getting your money back man. i hate shitty people.
Originally Posted by dirsh
Where is this carlos character?
Originally Posted by BamBam26
Not sure about the Carlos guy I have never spoken to him and I have only seem him post once in his defense about this.

from what i gather both carlos' aren't very good at business. are the both the same person? sure, could be possible. is it just a coincidence they both have the same first name? sure, that's possible too.