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Set-up for the L7 OEM system plus tweeter on the center channel:

- Use FL, FR, and both underseat woofer outputs from the L7 amp. Use input 1 & 2 on the MS-8 for FL & FR, and input 7 & 8 (important!) for the sub channels.
- Turn all head unit processing OFF. This means L7 is OFF and the EQ settings are all at zero.
- Run set-up procedure on MS-8 per instructions. For me, head unit volume needed to be at 49-50 clicks for the MS-8 to accept it. Check out this thread if you don't know how to do that:
- Channel mapping as follows: ch1 = FL Hi, ch2 = FR Hi, ch3 = FL Lo, ch4 = FR Lo, ch5 = ctr, ch6 = SL (side left), ch7 = SL (side left). Even if you are using only the rear shelf speakers, and not the rear doors, still call the "sides".
- During x-over set-up, tell it you have 2-way front, and all other speakers are "1-way". For the fronts, select the "high-pass" (which is actually a subsonic filter for the underseat woofers - a bit confusing) - I set mine at 35Hz. X-over between woofers and door mids I set at 150Hz for now. High-pass for the center and rear speakers 150Hz as well for now.
- During acoustic calibration, leave MS-8 volume at -20 dB. [edit: it works much better at -35dB]
- When calibration is done, unplug the mic from the unit (there have been some issues when the mic was left plugged in).

Those are the most important points. If I forgot something, I'll add it later.

Oh yes, and the easiest way to do the wiring is to use Technic's awesome top-hifi harness. You don't need to cut ANY OEM wires for this install!

Shamelessly bastardized harness:

(Technic, I take it my warranty is now void?)

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