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Originally Posted by docrates View Post
That is why so many people around the world complain about American's ignorance when it comes to the rest of the planet.

It takes a K-12 education to know that distribution of wealth (or lack thereof) is a common problem in Latin America and that all these countries have extremely wealthy people.

I live in Panama and we're lucky to have a strong middle class and no starving children, and yes, we do have as many BMW's as taxis (as in, it's impossible to find a parking lot that holds more than 15 cars and NOT find a bimmer), but even when you go to places like Bolivia, Honduras or Guatemala you'll find plenty of expensive cars.

Most people in LatAm that own a BMW, however, will not post in your forum because:
a) Forums are NOT popular here. People simply don't use them.
b) They speak Spanish or Portuguese, not English, as their native tongue.

So the next time you care to opine using overly generalized terms please keep in mind that the value of your opinion will be equated to your own intellectual value.
You sir are full of crap.

First off, last I checked Panama is in North America, not South America, so the number of BMW's sold there is irrelevant to the topic of this thread.

Second off, Lets actually look at some facts instead of trying to gauge based on peoples individual experience which will vary greatly based on the economic conditions of the area in which they live.

Fact: 2009 North American BMW Group revenue was ~11mil Euro.
Fact: 2009 BMW Group Revenue for "Other Markets" (Including South America, and Africa) was only ~1.9mil

So yes, there aren't very many BMW's in South America compared to North America.

Lastly, the number of subsidiaries that BMW has can be used as a rough estimate of the number of cars sold in each region. In North America, there are 4 Research and Development locations, 5 Sales, and 1 Production. In South America there are just two Sales.