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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I am very aware of that. You must not understand, as you just made that very clear. You have missed the point entirely. We are not talking about the acceleration figures themselves. We are talking about how much torque is put to the ground! The calculation HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WEIGHT. The N54 may boast more ENGINE Tq than the GT3 but engine tq means jack when it is multiplied via the gear ratio and the final drive ratio, and in that regard, even at a low 3000 rpms, the GT3 makes SIGNIFICANTLY more WHEEL TORQUE than the n54. I could take the HEAVIER e92 M3, which also makes less engine tq than the n54 and show you how it too crushes the n54 for wheel tq even though its a high revving NA engine that people think has no low end punch.
The GT3 is far and away a superior engine to everything BMW makes, hands down, no question, bar none.
I agree BMW makes a couple engines that are great, especially the s54, s65, s85 engines, but they dont hold a candle to very top tier of engines out there.
Ok the reason i replied was because you compared performance numbers between the cars (2 seconds faster etc.) Wich doesnīt mean shit when were talking about two different cars but i get your point.

Although you mucst be joking again. the GT3 engine is not superior to every BMW engine out there, you must be joking.

Making the best engines in the world is something BMW is known for. Itīs not something thatīs made up.
Most of the classes BMW makes engines in they make the one with most power and with the highest MPG, the smoothest, etc. just better then the rest most of the time.

Porsche makes great engines no doubt but BMW has the edge here. Saying anything else is just nonsense.

And they got a shit load of engine of year awards to back it up.

Even Ferrari had a hard time surpassing the mighty V12 BMW made 1991 and even though they managed to produce a stronger engine, the Mclaren is still the fastest n/a car in the world.

And remember that Ferrari made their enzo 2004. Thatīs 13 years between these cars.

It would be silly to underestimate BMW when it comes to engines, thatīs what they do best and thatīs what they are known for.

And another thing. You know the big four motorcycle makers whoīs been building superbikes for ages.
BMW releases their first and it puts out about 20hp more than the closest rival.
Will the other makers respond by building an engine like that with itīs 14.000rpm limit? i think not.

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