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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
LOL! Are you kidding me?? First of all, I have driven every US variation of the GT3 except for the 997.2 GT3 RS in nearly every situation and I can tell you if you think the n54 has more tq you know nothing about engines. Have you ever heard of tq multiplication and/or tq to the wheels? I suggest you read up and do the calculations and then speak. Here's a hint, take engine tq, multiply it by the gear ratio and then the final drive ratio. The GT3, for an NA engine has a lot of low end punch. Its quite obvious YOU have never driven one. It doesnt need to be thrashed like the s65 to be rewarding, and has a top end that the s65 cant touch let alone the lackluster top end of the n54 that run out of steam after 5500 rpms. It will only continuously pull harder the higher you rev to 8400 rpms.
And as far as sound goes, the GT3 is the best sounding car this side of a Ferrari v8 and the other flat 6s also crush most other cars as far as sound.
Heres some info for you

GT3 50-70 MPH = 1.9 seconds
N54 (335i) 50-70 = 4.1 seconds (or 2.1 seconds slower than the GT3) what happened to all that tq?

Heres a tq example for you: both 6mt's and wheel tq produced in 3rd gear

GT3: Wheel tq at in 3rd gear
295 X 1.64 X 3.44 = 1664.X

335i: Wheel tq in 3rd gear
300 X 1.58 X 3.08 = 1459.X

So despite taking wheel tq at an rpm where you would THINK the n54 is pulling hard, the GT3 STILL puts down 205 wheel tq more and pulls MUCH harder. And that difference would be much greater using the GT3 RS instead.

This makes sense and I, too, think there's no doubt the GT3 motor is superior. But you know, this is a BMW forum populated by a lot of fanboys so your points will fall on deaf ears. I love BMW's too (especially my M3) but I know when to give the nod to another manufacturer.