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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
Sorry, but the GT3 motor is far superior to any motor BMW makes, hands down.
personally, I think the c6 z06 engine are superior to the s65 or gt3 motors. it is the same weight or lighter, make way more hp, more torque, and doing 28-30mpg on the highway, and extremely reliable without those rsm crab issue on the gt3 engine. easy to mod/fix too.

porsche just simply take a race engine and put on the street for the gt3. then the fanboy start going on every bmw forum and brag left and right everytime. well anyone can do can just put the v8 on the m3 alms on the street too..i heard it made well in exceed of 500hp without air restricter for a 4L...but at what cost? m3 -60k vs gt3 - 120k. see what I mean?

saying gt3 motor better than anything bmw make just show how much of a porche fanboy you are, mclaren f1 engine, bmw f1 engine, etc? if porsche was a superior engine builder, I'm sure mclaren would have choose porsche instead of bmw. sometimes i wonder if you and footie work for the same company. now that audi/vw owns porsche.

remember there is always a trade off. i'm sure the s65 will last you 200k miles if maintain properly as seen with the e46 m3 engine. bmw detune this engine for a reason....long term reliability. I highly doubt the gt3 engine can last that long....that's why you don't see gt3 with that much miles. even the one with low miles already have serious rsm, seal issues. that's what happen when you put a race engine on the street.

talking about best engine...i think honda is the king. nobody can make a high performance engine and super reliable like honda.

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