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Originally Posted by iceman335 View Post
Wow, N54>GT3 3.8?? You must be kidding me...Some ppl should create a site call
Wow you must be kidding me, som people should actually read abit more than just posting nonsense like you.

Nobody has said that the N54 is superior to the GT3 engine.

Iīve just been saying that nobody touches BMW when it comes down to engines.

Porsche is known for making some of the most succesful racecars on this planet.

BMW is known for making the best engines in the world, doesnīt matter what type of engine it is. This is not something thatīs made up. Instead you should be proud that you drive a BMW. This is not a fanboy comment - Itīs the truth.

I am by no means saying that Porsche engines har crap and what not, they just donīt have the edge when it comes to engines. Iīm actually schocked that i had to make this clear.

You have to consider that itīs a difference when your building an engine for a sportscar like, Corvette or 911 compared to a 3-series or the M3 in this case. All of these engines are now runnin in ALMS and 24H races like Nurburgring and Le Mans.

(Iīm not a fanboy, i love porsches and think they are a step up to BMW in terms of dynamics, performance, build-quality etc. and corvette (although forget the build-quality part). but engine wise, thereīs not many who is as good as BMW)

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