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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
Im not even going to respond to any of this, except the GT3 is a GT1 block engine, go read up on it, its one of the toughest and most reliable engine blocks ever made. GT3s can take abuse like no other and the only reason you would see low miles is because they are mostly weekend cars. Its certainly been tested enough and is IIRC the most succeesful engine in motorsport history.
RMS issues are about as common as the rod bearing issue on the s54. you have NEVER owned a Porsche, so you have no experience. I have never has a single problem with any of my Porsche 911's or their sports cars in general. So until you go buy one, and actually experience a problem, your opinions hold no weight.
again this is just your opinion. you don't have a problem with it doesn't mean other don't with their 911. you own a gt3?