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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
Different Hus have different numbers of clicks. If you watch the MS-8 screen, it tells you where to set it. But I know that some BMW head units are clipping at 47, so I wonder if clipping the inputs is your popping problem.
I turned the volume down on the MS-8 and cranked the L7 amp up to 55 audible distortion. I then took it up to 60 clicks and the woofers under the seats started to break up around 57, and distorted badly at 60.

Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
How many seats did you tunr for? Listem from? How would you describe Dr and Pass imaging when set to "Front"?
I just now tuned the passenger seat as well. When set to "passenger", the image is a bit too far toward the center for my liking (but it could have been the result of my head positioning during calibration as well). But when I put it on "front", the image was right in front of me (did not check from the driver seat but would assume similar results). So it would seem as if the processing successfully eliminated the steering wheel.