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i did this, worked well, i have the grey cloth visors

one thing to you guys who had ink bleed through to the visor, you must have just slathered that crap on there and left it for an hour...

i started at a corner, then once i got an idea of how it would go i dabbed it all along the outside edge, pulled back what got released, then dabbed more on the new edge

also the red dots on the visor wouldnt come off, everything else peeled away but those little buggers are welded on there, couldnt get them off, but they are tiny and un noticable

i did get a little (super little) discoloration right around the outside of where the sticker was, but you can only see it under flourescent lighting and only if your really looking for it at a certain angle (i seriously meant little) doubt anyone would be able tos ee it even if they tried in the car