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M Badging on non M-Parts

Forgive me-- I know this has probably been beat to death.

I think MOST people think it's tacky and poser-ish to debadge your non M car and put an M badge on the back of it, but does it bother anyone else to see the M logo on a non-M's parts?

I mean, it's one thing to replace your shifter with an M shifter and get the M logo on the shift knob-- even though that alone is enough to bother me, but I just saw some parts for sale that are clearly third party parts, meant for the 335/328 with the M logo emblazoned on it. So now, we have after-market non M parts for a non-M car sporting the M-logo...

I'm debadging my 335i because I don't care what people think about the car I'm driving... anyone who knows anything about BMWs would know it wasn't an M3 just by looking at it, and anyone who doesn't know anything about BMWs wouldn't know the difference between a 335i and a 318ti anyway... but if I had my way, even the after-market parts I am looking to get, such as the shift knob, I'd rather they didn't have that M logo on it...

Slow news day I guess... how do you guys feel about it? This was all brought on by a chain thought because I spotted a 525/528 debadged with an M logo on the back of it. Not M5... just "//M"... and it was crooked. I don't get people sometimes.