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Originally Posted by rjs View Post
what about the m sport trim? that has an m steering wheel, m door sills & m wheels.

does that bother you?
Would bother me (a tiny bit) on my car, wouldn't bother me on anyone else's car. Also, that came from BMW-- it's the actual M trim... mostly I'm talking about some of these bolt-on aftermarket stuff that is third party wearing the //M badge... performance fiberglass, maybe?

Mostly though, I only have an emotional reaction to people who rebadge their cars UPWARDS-- I think it says something about them that they want other people to think they have something they don't have or are something that they are not. I deal with people on a day to day basis and it seems like the kind of personality behind this desire is the part that bothers me-- not the application of it on their car.

Anyway, such a minor rant, probably wasn't worth making.