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Originally Posted by TambourineMan View Post
There are some threads of people who have had success mounting behind grills.

But think about it logically. Laser beams are light, invisible light, but light nevertheless. It will only go through transparent objects, but even those can be a problem as some may be reflected back and confuse the the pulse timings needed to confuse the laser gun. Some glass/lenses are treated to purposely reflect back infrared (heat) light.

There is no doubt mounting behind the grill looks better and is more secure, but honestly here is a picture of my front - you can barely see the heads:

You may be protected from direct on shots if mounted behind the grill, but what about ones from off axis?

If you mount behind the grill be aware that not only does the bubble need as much of an unobstructed line of sight as possible, but also the transmitting diode - which located about three quarters of the distance from the bubble.

Here is a pix that shows where the transmitting diode is located:

thats not going to work as the "shifters" need horizontal angles to get a wide laser band across the road, i know this because my company installs them.