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Yeah The M Badge being abused really upsets the balance of the Universe... I mean that's just like the Honda Accords running round with the little "S" on em...

Just pretty lame. If someone is ignorant or shallow enough, or so desperate for that little bit of extra "Bling" to impress some freaking fanboys? Then they have MUCH bigger problems than that little letter.

We should be more understanding of their "Special" needs and just let them be. Life has been cruel enough already.

Then again worrying about what someone else is doing with letters or numbers on their car and how it may lesson the Earth Shattering Import of that "M" on the back of your own car, is pretty silly too. Who gives a crap? Does it make your car less impressive to the neighbors? Do you find it personally offensive? If so then you might be just as defective as the Guy in his //M Chevy Sprint. (Yes I've Seen it)

WAY WAY too much importance is placed on Symbols, Trappings, Emblems in this country. All you have to do is look around a little. You're bound to see the idiots with their "Coach" or "LV" bags getting into the worn out 1987 Toyota Tercel, or the S500 with the "Chrome Dubs" parked outside the crappy apartment, on and on. Americans are completely addicted to this chasing of the "trappings of wealth", herding sheeple addicted to name brands and "Lifestyle". It's pretty sad. Blind to the fact that they just look plain silly. All the look none of the content. Trying so hard to one up a neighbor, not even understanding what it is they are buying or why.

BAH, three little letters "BMW" means a good drivers car, a car that offers a lot of comfort and quality. It doesn't make you taller, wealthier, or better looking, though it might mean you are a little smarter. Otherwise it's just a car, and the "M" is just a badge. Why sweat it?

Enthusiasts all know what is and isn't real, they will recognize the M and appreciate the potential there in that vehicle, or the Lack of when it's slapped on a Volvo Wagon.

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