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Originally Posted by OEMconcept View Post
I had a CoRo over the weekend, and it was just amazing.....Anything you guys can suggest would be greatly appreciated.
If by CoRo you're referring to a Cohiba Robusto, I think the other radix and ferarri would both agree, there are far better examples of Cubans than that. Honestly, there are only a few Cohibas that I really even consider worth smoking, IMHO.

The Cohiba 40th Anniversary is by far the best they've released in years. Hard to find, but worth the effort. Definitely try a Monte Cristo #2. That is one of the Cuban benchmark cigars. The Trinidad Robusto Extra is one of my all-time favorites. The Hoyo de Monterey is also an excellent selection. Just don't get hung up on the Cohiba name. It is the best known marque, and is also the most counterfeited, so be careful what you buy and where you buy it, if purchasing in the States.
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