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you know he kills little girls like you
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ITT: We comment briefly on the poster below us ITT

Having been inspired by jh's thread on which he commented on the posters in that thread. This thread is different. In this thread you comment on whoever posts below you. The edit post function makes this possible. The interesting thing about doing things this way as opposed to commenting on the poster above you is that it allows people to have some control over who they wish to solicit feedback from. This format also allows one poster to solicit feedback from multiple people. Let's keep this honest, but civil, and within the bounds of forum rules. You can aslo use your post to comment on the assessment given by the poster above you if you'd like.

If you mistakenly clicked on this thread because you were looking for jh's thread, it is here:

you should probably post in that thread anyway.

CollinsE90 - Now one of the major contributors to OT. I'm not sure of his age, but young 20 something if I had to guess. Has a good sense of humor and his posts often reflect that. He seems honest and not the slightest bit pretentious. Seems like he'd be easy to get along with IRL. Although good natured in general, If I had to find fault in him, I think he's sometimes a bit too agreeable. I also sometimes find it hard to discern his real opinion on some issues.

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