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Originally Posted by radix View Post
I'll take that bullet, next.

ghosti32 - Usually stays fairly quiet, perhaps due to the fact that at least at one point in time he was constantly walking the razors edge with the moderators. His posts are usually limited to only a few short words or sentences. ghosti32 is a nice guy, but not afraid to tell you to go pound sand if he feels you deserve it, despite his previously, and perhaps still, tenuous situation. I suspect he's also somewhat reserved as I've never seen him actually create a thread. He's persian AFAIK and vocal about the situation in Iran. It's one of those subjects that brings him out of the woodwork. He also stands up for those that he considers to be worthy of his friendship/respect even though it might get him in trouble. It seems he's always studying.
have you ever planned a suicide bombing? I sure it takes a lot of studying


Dont really know much about they guy other than we share a liking of baseball, we butted heads on the topic but any baseball fan is a good man in my book, seems like a smart guy

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