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Jeff Robinson @ Jake Sweeney BMW of Cincinnati, OH (out of town purchase experience)

I was referred to my SA Jeff Robinson of Jake Sweeney BMW by a buddy who went to school in Madison with me who got a 335i lease for peanuts compared to what I've seen some people pay. Originally I was looking for a BMW Executive Demo 135i or 335i and Jeff was the guy to see as he does a lot of work getting these and leasing them for DAMN cheap. However, after a month and a half of emails no 135i's were coming up in a 6MT and I couldn't decide on any of the other option/combos that were available on the 335i Exec Demos he said were available, I decided to go for a new 135i and hopefully get more of what I was looking for specifically.

Jeff helped me endlessly (I happened to teeter over a lot of things like color combos and little options so I know I was a handful) and found a few 11's for me to choose from that would be off the boat shortly or traded between dealerships that met my specific criteria. I took one that had just arrived at port. Jeff called me the day it showed up that it had left the port and then again that afternoon that it was actually THERE at the dealership (apparently the tracking system is a bit slow).

I flew in the next morning and Jeff picked me up at the airport in a brand new X5 (great SUV BTW) and was great company to chat with on the 30-40 min ride back to the dealership. When I got to the dealership, he took good care of me, showed me around the car a little bit, brought me into the Finance office (and then went back and fended off a few groups of people who were over the car/new color (Deep Sea Blue) and wanted to poke around it a little more than someone would want them to if they were in the office paying for it). Then after everything was signed we pulled the car out and he went over all the cars features (even the cool little ones that I would have never known about had he not told me) for me, made sure I had everything I needed for my long trip home and saw me off. I was in and out in just about an hour's time, which was a personal best in my experience as it usually takes everyone else like 3hrs to do all of this (though I realize he had the car prepped before I even got there which saved a good amount of time).

Jeff was EXCELLENT to work with, and looking back on the deal I got an almost $44k car for about $41k and change so probably somewhere near $500-$1000 over invoice - and I didn't even haggle on the price, it was just given to me. I know a lot of people get this too everyday but I was surprised since it was the 1st '11 model they had come into the dealership, and it was sold to someone from 500 miles away.

I drove the car back to Madison, WI... about 8 hrs worth of highway, but it was totally worth it. I love when salesmen who love the cars they sell show you that with their level of commitment to the customers satisfaction... you can tell they go the extra mile and Jeff did just that.

Even being back in Chicago now, (where there are like 10 different BMW dealerships instead of just 1 really bad one in Madison) I will continue to give Jeff and Jake Sweeney my business in the future if I'm still in a BMW.

If you're in the Midwest somewhere and want a great deal on New, Executive Demo or CPO'd BMWs, PM me and I'll give you Jeff's contact info, he was truly a pleasure to work with.

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