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I see the usual bun fight has ensued!

Not everyone is going to like every single car that is made, there is some things i like about the car (F10) and others i dont but best to wait and see one in the flesh before you make a final decision.

The wheels dont look that great and has been mentioned they look small for 19" but think this is down to the size of the car.

Some people seem to forget that over the years cars are getting bigger and bigger if you go back to e39 its similar in size to an e90 now. Thats why it think the wheels are increasing in size, so that the car still looks in proportion.

With smaller wheels cars can look under wheeled, the first time i seen the e90 when it was just released it was on 17's and looked like a big sofa on a wee set of castors it just didnt look right.

@ Matt think its more to do with the suspension setup on the Sline Audis rather than the size of wheels. the crash and ride poor on 18" also.

The 19" wheels on the e60 were a lovely wheel and the drove better with them compared to the 18" runflat in both a handling and comfort sense. The biggest problem for me just now is runflat tyres thats why i think i will move to another marque of car next... unless i buy a bmw that comes with normal tyres as standard.

And dont say just change the runflats, if your spending 40k on a car it should comes with some decent rubber!!