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first of ALL, i did not get "owned" whatever that means.

second, thats pocket change on my desk... and how would you know what i have and what i already have invested? LOL

third, nobody caused me any problems at all , except for some entertainment for me and some friends to read.

fourth, if you wanna travel to bahgdad for $15 shoes, be my guest.

and fifth / WHAT SCAM? who am i scamming? who have i scammed? LOL all i did was make a simple post asking if anyone would be interested in these shox. i have never sold a pair of them yet... honestly i think they are gay as hell....but i thought maybe someone on here would like to use them at the gym or whatever.

but everyone has to be a drama QUEEN and go back and forth over SHOES like a woman.

i really dont see what the big deal was.

its hesterical to me that grown men can act like little girls on the internet for everyone to see.

i dont respect any of you who had something stupid to say, because if this was at a meet, no one would say shit because youre all pu**ies.

and thats that.