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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
Im not saying this is true, but read the comments on this site. A lot of guys are coming out saying this alex guy is a fake and the CGT was stolen(owner has emerged with links)...just read the comments and you will see what im talking about..i didnt read it all because there are a lot of comments and Im in no way saying this is what I think, just posting for you guys to voice your own opinion

Its still sad for anyone to lose their life in a car accident so young, and RIP
i dont know what to think.

if the CGT was stolen, dont you think it would have been recovered a LOOOOONG time ago when it was being touted at meets, all over the internet, and even appearing on TV. and it is uniquely modded as well
some italian, german, and japanese ones; and on order more of the same