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Originally Posted by double_j View Post
You absolutely cannot be serious. A couple of hypothiticals to make my point:

1.) You're driving down the highway in your M3. Some drunk dude in a truck decides its a good idea to cut a hard left while going straight and jackknifes his trailer. (BTW - the trucking company forced him to drink the alcohol right before he hit the road). Your car just happens to be caught in the melee. Not only is your car destroyed but you can't go to work for the next five years. You'd like to complain or sue because now you have no way to make a living but hey, you were driving on the highway, you should have known the risks. It's not like you were walking or anything.

2.) John lives 100 miles from an airport. An airplane turning in for approach crashes into his house because the airline didn't complete the pre-flight inspection although they told everyone that things were fine. He'd like to complain and have the airline reimburse him for his losses but air travel is a pretty normal mode of travel nowadays and he really should have known the risks of living in a modern society. Too bad for John.

3.) Suzy Q uses a cell phone regularly. She thinks that radiation from the phone might be dangerous but the phone manufacturer assures her directly that their testing has confirmed that there are zero risks. They have even gone as far as to testify to the government that her concerns are unfounded. Based on this, she decides that she'll keep using the cell phone. 5 years later, Suzy Q. has brain cancer. She can't work anymore and her family is stuck in the street starving. She's like to complain or get some money to help feed her family, but hey, she knew the risks of using a cell phone.

4.) You have your island vacation rental getaway. One day, jet fuel runs out and no one can get to your island anymore. No problem, it stinks for you but you knew the risks coming into it. Guess it's time to divest and move on. What you didn't expect was that an airplane would run out of fuel right over your island getaway, crash and burn into the island, and render it inhospitable to anybody ever again. Now you can't even sell the place to get rid of it. It's a total loss. Good thing you were aware of the risks before you bought it or you'd be really pissed right now.
my terms were strictly business, i could make scenarios to argue your point and make things with different outcomes

when it comes down to it, when you make a business that primarily runs on vacation(which the ocean is a big draw for these people), you have to be ready for things that might slow business and save for down times like now

what if sharks all of a sudden came in large amounts near the sand, doubt people would come to the beach other than tanning.

All i am saying is business owners should plan for bad times and expect the worst and hope for the best, not go so far in debt that one mishap puts them out of business and they blame everyone but their financial planning