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Originally Posted by Irnbrukid View Post
Why didnt they replace them with normal rubber, transforms the car and the best thing about the e60 was it had room for the space saver, where the new cars dont..
You know some people want everything new and factory made? That's them. It was also a while back when BMW dealers were muttering about non RFTs voiding insurance/warranties, etc. The i-drive also self destructed so that on top of the RFTs and it was sent back to the dealer after three months. They now have an X5 on 19s...

Interesting about radii but surely tyres come with different profiles? It's not a set ratio. And go to a tyre dealer - the 19s look like truck tyres, the 17s don;t. You are also looking at fat rubber on 19s - say 265 so the profile has to be very slim to make it the same as a 17" 225/45.
I may be wrong on this but I can't see how "arch filling" 19s are the same diameter as 17s.

/// - I do like those wheels a lot - I saw a 325i with them (black E91 like that one) and really did like them but there are a few issues:

1) I have pretty new tyres all round - ditching them would be silly
2) I can choose any tyre I want - IMO CS3s are the best (Evo agrees too -they thrash all other tyres in this months issues) - even the tyres on those 162s are a lot harder to source. On 19s you simply cannot get the "best" tyres. The best tyres to me have more of an impact than the radius.
3) The wife loves the ride/handling of the car as it is - this is a proper petrol(or actually diesel) head wife who learned to drive in a new Scooby Turbo wagon and tested a new (at the time) Supra aged 18.
4) I love the sleeper quality of the car. A mate has been a few times to sort my bike out - we got talking about cars (he's not really into them at all) and when I mentioned that ours has nearly 300bhp he was utterly gobsmacked - I love that about the car. It's very very unusual I know, but the sleeper element is something I really do like and it's also useful down here in Cornwall where shoutyness is frowned upon.
5) Although they are small, I actually really like my wheels - slightly dished and with nice spokes and detail, the look pretty good from a angle IMO. Even Carlos likes them! They are "the wheels" on the Wonder Wheels box too...

If the car had come with 162s though, I'd be happy but to pay 1200 for wheels and another 800ish for tyres doesn't really add up just to make it "look better" and slightly ruin the sleeperness (!) of it. They would be MUCH easier to clean though!!

I also love driving the Jimny because it's SO uncool that it's almost cool. Especially in full hairdresser top down mode!

Weird I know but then you all know I'm a bit special needs...

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