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Originally Posted by double_j View Post
How does it make a difference if it's business or personal? I argue that it makes no sense to separate the two. After all, shouldn't we all have 6 months worth of liquid money saved up to protect us against unforeseen circumstances in our personal lives?

I'm all for responsible business planning to get through the thin times, but this isn't a downturn. This is a lasting and relatively permanent change to that area. I can't think of any small business that can provide an adequate living to the proprietor at 50 to 80 percent less revenue for the next 10 years and that's exactly what these restaurant owners, fishermen, etc. are facing.

Re: your shark example - I understand your point but there is a reason that insurance contracts, etc. specifically protect themselves from exposure due to "acts of God" or natural catastrophes. Those are well understood risks because absolutely nothing can be done to prevent or escape them.

In this case, the oil spill was not an act of God. It was an event specifically triggered by the well operators and owners. To relate it to your shark example - would you feel any different if those sharks were placed by the shore and held there by a private party?

In this case, there is a party(s) that must be held accountable for the sea change they've triggered in the gulf area (no pun intended). Those truly affected have every right to air their grievances and to have their issues heard.
did you read the OP? its about business's like realtors begging for handouts, we're not talking about the local people