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Originally Posted by choicez View Post
My only gripe with this format is that you don't have a choice to pick who you're going to write a review. According to the rules, you write a review on the next person who post, in essence, it becomes a lottery. I'm sure most people would like to post a review on someone they wish or are familiar with in this forum. Just my .02

(no need to write a review on me. just giving my opinion for whatever it's worth.)
(also just an ineleigible post):

Well I think the point was to control who posts about you, which is contrary to the norm. There is a thread here if you like it the "normal" way. Either way, you can't have it both ways.


I butted heads with you back when I was an asshole. I commented about how it was idiotic for Californians to try to populate the desert so heavily and not expect to be affected by natural disasters (which I still believe). You drew me a cute little map trying to show that Californians didn't live in the desert, but it looked like a kindergarten project, so I commented on it accordingly.

Either way, you seem like you're a good guy. Even though you're a Californian and Lakers fan.... and that's saying a lot.

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