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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
You're right, I'm so sorry. How could I have been so naive. I shouldn't have been thinking about the possible loss of life that could occur when someone runs red lights, weaves all over the road, and drives at twice or more the legal limit. I should have been thinking about what is more exciting for those drivers! It is much better to get off by risking innocent lives and jail time as opposed to racing on a track.

There is absolutely no circumstance, ever, where someone should drive lik that on public roads. I hope they catch these guys and crush their cars.
i totally understand your POV, and it is 100% correct

but deep down i believe that has to be the greatest thrill to have in a car possible. If i had a month to live, i would buy a supercar and go on a highspeed pursuit, even though its the dumbest thing i could ever do, running from the cops on the interstate with a bad ass car would be amazing

inb4 all the saints on the forum flames me for it, after their cup of coffee and newspaper before heading to their job that requires a perfect moral compass and they never done anything wrong