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Originally Posted by SWAT View Post
Ummmmmm, are you supposed to be tough guy now? We wouldn't have said shit at a meet? Who are you kidding? Only a loser would have said something like that on the internet. What's next, are you gonna give me an address so we can meet and you would supposedly kick my ass?
no what im saying is... everyone has something dumb to say online... but yet if i were to bring these out in person to a meet and ask if anyone wanted them.. 100% guaranteed no one would talk shit.

honestly im not mad at all..i dont know why everyone assumes i am.. im from nyc this is how i talk. . everyones hating on me for nothing.

if you dont like the shoes, then dont post. its simple as that... but everyone wants to get thier post counts up thinking that its cool to have 4000 posts.

i still cant figure out why this thread hasnt been deleted... everyones still posting replies to it for no reason.