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2006 E90--Check Engine Light Problems & Parking and Drive Issues

Hey E90 Posters,

Love this site. I always get the help I need and better info than any service advisor at BMW :P

I have two problems:

1) The other day while I was driving and talking on the phone, I went up a curb at about 7mph. Right after that my Check Engine Light came on. I looked under the vehicle and at the bumper, tires, etc... and nothing seemed abnormal.

I have driven it up speed bumps and what not to see if I would hear any noises and nothing...

The light came on and stayed on for a day and a half and turned off. after 2 days it came back on.

This is strange because I had my engine serviced the week before and fixed. Any comments or possible diagnostics?

2) Whenever I have my e90 parked and rotate the steering wheel to each end I always hear a noise as if something wasn't lubed properly.

whenever I put it in Park after being in Drive the car moves slightly forward and stops and I hear a metal clink. If I put it in drive again it kinda forces itself forward a bit and if I put it in park once again the same issue happens.

Would I need soemthing lubed or anything

It is a CPO and I wonder if any of this is covered on my warranty...

Thanks guys so much and have a happy 4th of July weekend!