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Originally Posted by choicez View Post
i like the odds for Carwin to win +135.

i think that Lesnar doesn't want to box Carwin and it will become a wrestling and ground and pound match.
If the match lasts long enough, I think Brock will try to trade with Carwin but only after a few take downs and some GnP. Part of me thinks he will want to show how much his game has improved.

I see 3 outcomes:

1. Carwin gets the KO/TKO win due to a battery of gorilla punches.
2. Brock knocks out Carwin. He's got power and is pretty athletic. If he's developed better hand speed and has refined his striking it could happen. Carwin has been rocked before.
3. LnP decision win for Brock. <-- more likely than #2, me thinks.

Personally, I'd like to see Carwin win via organ crushing shovel hook + overhand punch combo. Shovel hook + hook + overhand right was always my favorite in-fighting combo to use. Ah....memories. lol Carwin's power punches would make it all the more interesting.