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Unhappy FML I Might Need Surgery...

so i went to the dentist for my annual checkup and found out i have Gingival Recession aka receding gums.

he showed me a mirror and pointed at my front bottom tooth and you can see alittle bit of the root below it and the gum receded down.

i was shocked at first as i have never noticed it and asked how does this happen.

his first question was how i brush and i showed him with a brush he gave me. found out i was brushing my teeth the wrong way. i always did the back and forth motion and he tells me that is wrong and to use a circular motion.

i didn't think it was a big deal as he didn't say much of it other than to brush gently and use a brush with soft bristles.

i came home and did some research and seems like this is a pretty big issue, can lead to stroke, infections, etc if roots are exposed even partially like mine.

so i looked at treatmens and found i might need a gum grafting & the shit looks painful as fuck.

i was hoping that if i brush the proper way my gums can regrow but it seems gums don't regrow once destroyed .

and to further worsen the situation, it is not just my front bottom tooth. if i take my nail and touch at the bottom of my other teeth where the gum line is, it is sensitive as hell which tells me that the gum line is receding everywhere else but the partial exposed root is only on my front bottom.

i don't have any pain/feeling when eating or drinking (which is why i never noticed) only when i touch it with my nail do i get the very sensitive feeling.

fuck i don't know what to do. got to make another dentist appointment to get second opinion....

anyone here get something similar done based on my situation?

im depressed, sad, & scared at the same time. hope it isn't nothing major...

PS: happy july 4th guys .
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