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I actually kind of laughed when Brock sunk the choke in. I expected him to show off some more of his stand-up improvements since he's competitive and seems like the type to try to beat someone at their own game. However, the mat is his home, I guess. Something not clear to me is that I found it hard to tell if he still doesn't like getting hit or if Carwin really did hurt him in the 1st. Still, it was nice to see him employ something other than the typical bread 'n butter guillotine or RNC that everyone and their mom knows.

Sadly, I knew it was over for Carwin around his 20th punch on an inverted, turtled Lesnar. I was screaming for him to slow down and drop some shots to Brock's body instead of hitting mostly Brock's forearms covering his head. I knew he'd punch himself out the way he was going and he wasn't connecting as much as he could've been. Besides, how many heavyweights that size haven't punched themselves out like that? I almost stopped watching when Carwin was in Brock's half guard. You could see he was done. Although I wouldn't want to get hit by Carwin, Brock seemed to be blocking a lot of those shots in the 1st. It doesn't take much to choke out a gassed out opponent. Anyone who has grappled knows that to be generally true. It's where having heart comes in, but the other thing Carwin had going against him was that I think, mentally, he was done after the 1st if not towards the end of the 1st. Couple that with having an empty tank and you pretty well have the fight handed to you on a silver platter.

I was impressed with the way Brock finished the fight, I will say that, though. I was also glad to see that he didn't pull any WWE crap post-fight. My gripe is his usual camera personality (WWE-ish) and that a super heavyweight came in and pretty much just used his size to win over much smaller opponents. That's not a champ to me and does nothing for the sport. As he trains, learns actual techniques, and applies them in matches, I'll have no problem with him.

I think a rematch is inevitable and Carwin's got some cardio to work on. I actually think he could've pulled off the W if he was smarter after Lesnar went down. He did fairly well defending take downs and had the edge standing. Some would say he flipped his kill switch, but there's a difference between flipping the switch and flipping the switch while staying smart.

How about that Lytle fight, though?