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All the fights were pretty good IMO. Lytle vs Brown was a war waiting to happen when those 2 stepped in the cage. A little surprised it ended via sub. Leben vs Sexiyama was a good fight to watch. A brawler vs a technical striker/judo bb. The both showed they had iron chins and left everything out in the cage. I was really surprised to see Leben throw in a triangle choke on a exhausted sexiyama. Weather or not you like leben its been a good 2 weeks for him 2 wins in 2 weeks. One vs a very good opponent in sexiyama. Lesnar vs Carwin was exciting in the 1st round. Early on you could see some rust on Lesnar. Carwin has heavy hands and hurt him early before he was initially dropped. I was a little worried they were going to do a premature stoppage. Carwin was raining down punches and Lesnar was only covering up, although he was defending himself the ref's have stopped it for less. I'd like to see the rematch after Cain and JDS when Brock has had a few fights back.